Clinton Blue Sunglasses Are Used To Prevent Seizures – It’s Not Pneumonia


Dr. Ted Noel has been at the forefront of the investigation and determination that Hillary Clinton is likely suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. He has some interesting information regarding her decision to wear blue sunglasses at the 9/11 ceremony in which she was later to leave early in an attempt to get out of the public eye as before she was seen and photographed having a seizure.

As we all know she wasn’t able to escape the public eye and her fall and accompanying seizure was recorded. What Dr. Noel finds interesting about Clinton in the moments before she went down was her decision to wear blue sunglasses. Clinton, the queen of the frumpy pantsuit and take home hair salon smock, is not known for her hip fashion statements, yet there she was.

At the 1:15 mark of the video Dr. Noel tells the story, that it was his brother who first pointed out that Clinton was the only one in the crowd wearing sunglasses. He notes that subsequently posters to the comment section of his website directed him to a particular video which deals with blue glasses and involuntary, symptomatic movements.

He notes that the same positive effects were noted from the use of a piece of blue transparency film. It’s more proof to the piling mountains of evidence that Hillary Clinton and her physician, the one who certified her as fit for office, are managing her Parkinson’s Disease while denying its existence.

Dr. Noel also takes some time to dismiss the ridiculous claims of Dr. Bardack, the Clinton personal physician that she was being treated for dehydration. He notes there are only two ways you become dehydrated, either by not drinking enough fluids or by excessive sweating. If she wasn’t drinking enough liquids, that problem existed prior to her attending the ceremony and it would have been a simple matter to drink more.

In the 79 degree temperatures experienced during the time frame when Clinton was at the ceremony, she was not seen to be sweating heavily and the temperatures were not high enough to have caused it.

He also points to the likely freeze up of Clinton’s right leg prior to her attempting to get into the van and the forcing of her to move before she was ready leading to the collapse.

The bottom line is that it is more cover up of the obvious medical condition of Mrs. Clinton by her and her doctor. The truth is now coming out as she loses control of what is seen by the people and the lie becoming unmanageable.

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