Clinton Aide Cheryl Mills Had Classified Access, Never Qualified For A Security Clearance


Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s personal attorney and Chief of Staff while she was Secretary of State has some legal problems of her own. Information  included in the document dump of investigation records made by the FBI on Friday indicates that Mills never qualified for her security clearance to view classified information.

The foot-dragging at the State Department has gone on for as long as they are able to stretch it out, it appears, with a judge having ordered last week that they begin producing documents related to the security training, briefings, and clearances of  Hillary Clinton and her aides, including Cheryl Mills.

That’s going to be tough to do because some of those documents never existed. As Breitbart News reported in February, Hillary Clinton never signed and executed a Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement. Now, as it turns out, Cheryl Mills never did either. She also didn’t sign another mandatory form pertaining to her access to classified information.

They also reported in February that neither Clinton nor Mills signed the mandatory form which confirms that they have returned all classified materials in their possession to the State Department. Of course they couldn’t do that because they had not returned the documents and didn’t have any right to possess them in the first place. Additionally, Ms. Mills skipped the exit procedure entirely.

But that’s not all. A copy of the Separation Statement for Mills has been released by the State Department with no date and with no signature. Once again, she couldn’t attest to having returned the documents she still had and was unauthorized to have in the first place.

There seems to have been a lack of appreciation for the importance of safeguarding America’s information at the State Department both in the days in which it was led by Mrs. Clinton and since, when the Kerry administration must certainly have been aware of the Clinton transgressions.

They appear to have been deliberately obstructing the release of the information to insulate and protect Clinton and her staff from potential prosecution. Clearly the Clinton administration was aware of their violations as is evidenced by their decisions to attempt to conceal their inappropriate access to and retention of critical government documents.

It’s difficult to see them mounting a credible or effective defense. It’s not hard to see a ‘presidential’ pardon in their futures. That would appear to be their only option for extricating themselves from this huge mess. And it’s just the kind of jab at America that Obama would love to inflict.

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