Clinton Actually Says “America A Country Of Laws,” Runs When Asked About Fraud

Clinton Actually Says “America A Country Of Laws,” Runs When Asked About Fraud

Appearing exhausted and spent after the debate Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton made her way back to the microphone-holding boot-lickers to give them their next message to put out on behalf of the Democrat Party.

Clinton told the suck-ups in her posse that she was both relieved and grateful that there were no more debates. The relieved part makes sense, she doesn’t have worry as much about having another seizure or fit in front of America. She can now keep her events to less than ninety minutes, to a length that will allow her to not have to take medication rest days in order to survive an hour and a half public appearance.

Clinton is grateful, apparently to the adoring press and others, who have looked the other way as she has committed fraudulent acts and struggled to maintain appearances. They could have told the story as it was happening but thanks to them and some equally corrupt Secret Service Agents, the American people will remain ignorant and this unfit criminal may end up in office.

The diminutive criminal granny laments that she won’t be getting anymore naps now that the debates are all done. The two should have nothing to do with each other were she not attempting to manage her serious medical condition. Now that those “long” ninety-minute symptom free periods are less of an issue, she’s not going to be needing her nappy time.

She’s asked if she’ll respect the results of the election and never answers, instead choosing to vilify Trump for again telling the truth, this time regarding the fraud and coercion being carried out against him. Trump admitted he reserves the right to challenge manipulated or fraudulent results. Clinton won’t admit that she’d do exactly that, if she were on the side that is not manipulating and committing fraud. Since she’s the criminal, she’s attacking him for exposing her.

In her attack on Trump, Clinton, of all people, actually says that the United States is “a country based on laws.” She’s unable to do it with a straight face, having to exaggerate the point with raised eyebrows, closed eyes and a head wobble. Right, Mrs. Clinton, that’s three sets of laws to be exact. There’s one for the elite establishment criminals, one for the imported replacement Americans, and one for your enemies, the American people.

Most of the rest of the video is more of the media allowing the focus to be directed away from what is important onto superfluous side issues. None of the order takers took advantage of the jaw-dropping “country based on laws” comment, although that’s the kind of thing journalists are supposed to do. It simply wouldn’t be servile enough to ask of Mrs. Clinton, therefore it’s not appropriate.

One of those huddled around her did summon up the integrity and courage to ask about the Project Veritas videos. Clinton’s response was similar to what she told the FBI when asked about many of her other crimes. She simply claimed ignorance, stating, “You know I know nothing about all of this, I can’t deal with every one of his conspiracy theories, but I hope you all have something to eat and something to drink on the way back to New York.”

Of course they are not conspiracy theories, they are conspiracy realities with video evidence that was strong enough to force the resignation of two of their chief racketeers. One of those goons has visited the White House 342 time since 2009, 47 of those meetings were face to face with Obama. That goes far beyond mere hyperbole.

Clinton took off like a scalded cat when the subject that could undo every false assertion she had just made being broached. She offered a bribe of food to the order takers, and something to drink before turning tail and bolting away, with a finger effectively stuck in each ear.

We get the message, Clinton, – Take some free food, get drunk, I’m outta here. And get that reporter who asked the taboo corruption and racketeering question off of my plane now. Don’t wait until we land.

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