Clarke – Sense Of Urgency Needed In Terror Fight


Stuart Varney asks Sheriff David Clarke what the fact that the latest Islamic terrorist used a truck to murder almost 100 people has to say about the Obama plot to disarm us out of a fear of gun terrorism.

Clarke is pretty much fed up with the nonsense coming out of the White House terrorist’s mouth in general as well as his would-be successor, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the apologists and enablers of terrorism. The anti-American establishment elites want to ask the world’s permission before we act; he’s had enough with talking as a replacement for action. It’s past time for America to do something to wipe the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism from the globe.

He says, “Look, I’m through trying to understand the sick ideology of Islamism. Instead of trying to understand it we ought to just try to kill it as an ideology.” He points out, “There’s no sense of urgency, though on the part of the White House to do anything about it.”

“Once again ‘president’ Obama came out again yesterday and started lecturing us about Islam and Muslims. I’m not including all Muslims in this by any stretch of the imagination. However,” says Clarke, “there’s no clear, coherent strategy either at the federal level or the local level to do anything about this, to destroy this ideology. “


Varney asks what he’d like to hear out of the upcoming Trump-Pence news conference, and Clarke maintains the same theme. The tolerance for the hateful brutal and barbaric ideology of radical Islam has gone on for too long. It must be eliminated.

Clarke says of Trump, “We have to have a sense of urgency and he seems to be the only one. Mrs. Bill Clinton the other day came out in response to France and said we need a measured response to this, we need to move slowly. No we don’t need to move slowly. We need a General Schwarzkopf type leader, in terms of a military commander, along with a commander in chief who has a sense of urgency to understand that the wolf is chewing through the door.”

Clarke says, “The wolf is no longer just at the door, he’s chewing through the door and we must kill the wolf in order to keep Americans safe. I’m not going to worry about what the rest of the world wants to do and how they want to handle it.”

He points out that “All of this ‘the world needs to come together,’ ‘we need to stand together,’ Islamic State doesn’t care about that crap.” He adds, “Islamic State is a very unconventional enemy and we need to use very unconventional creative tactics to kill it.”

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