Clarke – Democrats Party Of BLM, Law Breaking


Tucker Carlson noted that it was made clear by many of those in attendance at the Democrat National Convention that they’ve chosen sides. They are with Black Lives Matter and against the police. Sheriff David Clarke said, “Without a doubt they’re making a statement. The Democrat Party has abandoned some more mainstream, traditional groups like the middle class, both black and white, in favor of these lunatic fringe groups.”

He continues, “Look, every time I turn around this slimy group, these are slimy, slimy people reinforce my thesis that this is a hateful ideology, a dangerous ideology, it needs to be opposed wherever it is. Compare and contrast that to the RNC a week ago in Cleveland where they had a night ‘Make America Safe Again,’ where the RNC embraced more mainstream, traditional people in America.”

He cites as examples, “Law-abiding citizens that have been killed by illegal aliens, cops that have been killed by illegal aliens and soldiers that have died fighting for their country, fighting for freedom against radical Islamic terror and then listening to those moms, it just tore your heart out.”

“So when I look at this I’m not surprised, I’ve been saying this all along, Tucker, you know that,” again calling them a slimy movement. “They spew vile and vitriol in the name of virtue,” says Clarke. “I think this is going to have an impact on the independent voters. They’re getting tired of this stuff; they’re getting tired of the confrontation. They’re getting tired of the agitation. They’re getting tired of the nonsense. They want this country to come back together. It is not going to be done under Mrs. Bill Clinton who’s going to continue with this divide and conquer that was started by Barack Obama.”

“Why?,” asks Sheriff Clarke, “Because he’s been successful with it, it won him two elections to remain as ‘president’ of the United States but it’s been very destructive for this country. The only way this is going to change is if Donald Trump gets elected president of the United States. He’s made it very clear he’s going to support the law enforcement officer.”

Clarke adds, “His is a campaign of law and order. That’s what we want in the United States. The cop is on the front line of order and liberty and that’s who Donald Trump has made it very clear he’s going to support, on behalf of all Americans, by the way.

Clarke also notes the information blackout that the mainstream media is providing for Clinton. He also applauded the police presence in both Cleveland and Philadelphia for putting the disrupters on notice early that the nonsense was not going to be tolerated.

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