Clarke – Deliberate Racism Stoking By Anti-Cop Biased Media Fanned Charlotte Flames


The mental midget who is reveling in the attention that being the agitator spokesman has brought him is calling for “an economic boycott of the whole city of Charlotte.” That’s a great idea, there’s nothing like making the economy even worse to help boost the hardship on the people you are supposedly trying to help. He said, “Since our black lives do not matter for this city, then our black dollars shouldn’t matter.” His black mouth and attitude shouldn’t matter much either so do everybody a favor, take them all and hit the road. That genius is B J Murphy, another Louis Farrakhan gem out of the Nation of Islam.

Neil Cavuto raises the fact that, in spite of it being ignored by the media, the dead guy had a gun and he had refused to comply with the officers’ commands. He addresses the media’s complicity in refusing to report the portions of the story that don’t fit the narrative, asking Sheriff David Clarke, “What do you do?”

Clarke says, “Well, it was done on purpose, it’s been left out on purpose to stoke up anger and resentment by the liberal media. And look, what was on display last night was something that resembled something you’d see in a third world nation like Haiti. It didn’t represent the good city of Charlotte, NC, here in the United States.”

“You saw primitive behavior on display at best,” said the Sheriff, “and at worst you saw subhuman behavior as people just reacted to circumstances. Rioting, looting, it’s not a socially acceptable response to people’s frustration and what they may not know. Look, we don’t know all the facts, I don’t know all the facts. The police released some limited information and I’m going to give the police the benefit of the doubt in the statement they made that the guy was armed.”

He notes that “What he was doing with the gun, pointed, whatever, that’ll come out later.” He’s once again critical of the decisions which handcuffed the police officers and allowed the rioters to escalate their actions and to injure the officers. He makes the point that while twelve officers were injured, that night there were no rioter casualties.”

Clarke describes one officer as being “sucked into the crowd, he was under attack.” He saw officers going in to rescue him but there were no nightsticks visible, nobody delivering body blows, knee strikes and arm strikes to help get that officer out of harm’s way.”

He said, “It seems like they were trying to soft-shoe this,” arguing that the officers have to be able to defend themselves. They cannot be expected to be in harm’s way without the authorization to use all reasonable force.

An example of the bias reporting that Sheriff Clarke and Neil Cavuto were discussing is from one of the most bias anti-cop networks, CNN, below. It’s not accidental that the narrative is one of innocent black victim shot by kill-happy cop, even though the officer was also black. The opening words of the video, after they get through depicting the victim in the most loving way with his daughter, were of the daughter saying, “The police just shot my daddy four times for being black.”

They then play the audio of when she learned he had died. A gun was in his possession, as Cavuto said, that’s not in dispute. He was also shot by a black officer, invalidating her claims of racism. Once again the whole premise for rioting is false and once again the police officers across the country have a target on their backs. It’s all by design to stir up the Democrat black vote courtesy of Hussein Obama and Eric Holder.

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