Chris Matthews Has A Message For Voters

Chris Matthews Has A Message For Voters

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has a striking message for disaffected Democrats: Get “excited” about Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the possibility of the party controlling Washington, or “don’t vote.”

The “Hardball” host offered the advice on air Tuesday night, while griping about some Democrats’ pessimistic attitude toward the election.

“Here’s my question. Why don’t they get excited on the left, and the center-left, about maybe … getting to run the government for four, or eight years, winning the House and the Senate, winning the White House? … Think about winning big,” Matthews said.

He continued: “Hillary Clinton’s got a very good chance right now of winning very big and running the table and actually getting to set U.S. policy on a progressive side of things. Get excited about that. If that’s not [enough] to get you to vote, don’t vote.”

That’s a turnaround from remarks Matthews made in 2012 that anyone not planning to vote was an “idiot.”

“If you don’t vote, you’re an idiot,” Matthews said at the time, to chuckles from his co-hosts.

On Tuesday, Matthews went on to talk up the notion of a Donald Trump “freefall” in the 2016 contest, arguing that Clinton should motivate Democrats to go for the “gold” – and aim for total control of the House, Senate and White House.

We can all see how his advice has worked so well for us from his 2012 remarks. Those that went and voted for Obama have made this Country so much worse, with the continuation of Obama’s policies. Hillary Clinton will be worse than Obama, if you can actually imagine that. She will take Obamacare and extend it making premiums even higher. Our National Security (what is left of it) will no longer exist.

As for the tension we see on a daily basis here in America that will be worse. We will end up with a Civil War under a Clinton Administration. She wants to completely take away the second amendment. Once you do that what is there to stop the rest. A Clinton administration WILL be the absolute downfall of AMERICA!! Jobs will be gone and before long we will have a nation dependent on welfare. The way I see it a vote for Clinton shows to be that you’re an idiot. Trump may be outspoken, personally I do not care. He will bring jobs and he knows how to run a business. That is what America needs.

We do not need anyone else that will bow down to our enemies. We need someone that will look them in the eyes and tell them we will not take your Shit no more! You attack us, you can expect we will eradicate you! Simple as that. No more chalk lines in the blowing sand.

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