Checklist For Republicans As They Come Up With An Alternative To ObamaCare

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Now that one more ObamaCare provider is turning refugee from the Occupier of the Oval Office’s signature legislation, the House Republicans have pledged (according to Betsy McCaughey of the New York Post) to have an alternative to consider within the week.

They could have done this, what, five, six, years ago, but NOOOOO.

At any rate, ObamaCare does need to go away for so many reasons, it’s not even funny, but the truth is that there are some aspects to the healthcare market and industry in the United States that do need to be addressed, and dealt with…it’s the same stuff that needed to be dealt with before the law went into effect, actually.

Betsy McCaughey put together a list, but this writer would like to add a few things, some of which are reflected in Donald Trump’s healthcare reform program.

Make the product optional.  The government has no call to make a product or service mandatory.  In that ObamaCare was unconstitutional from the get go.

Allow plans that are short term, and don’t fine people for choosing this option.  At this point, this is how millions of Americans are able to afford health insurance.  Even with the fines for being non-compliant with ObamaCare, the short term plans are still cheaper.

Allow insurers to sell plans across state lines.  There is no reason in an age of computers that this should be an issue.

Make health insurance tax deductible for the party paying for it.  It really doesn’t matter who is doing the paying, so long as the patient is not on medicaid or medicare and is not an indigent needing charity from the hospital, give these people a break.  Costs will not being coming out of taxpayer funded pools.

Provide the option for a health savings account where Americans can stash a little cash pre-tax.  From the time Americans start working, we all need four accounts: checking, savings, retirement and health savings.  Anything that has deferred withdrawals and will keep Americans off the dole should be tax free.

Do not install a “one size fits all” menu of services for EVERY insurance policy. Allow plans to pick and choose among risk pools.  Women do not need prostate cancer screenings and single men don’t need mammograms and pregnancy riders.

Allow rates to be pro-rated by actual risk, do not ask young, healthy people to pay more to compensate for others’ pre-existing conditions.

There are other issues out there when it comes to ObamaCare – tort reform, which is needed, price listing from healthcare providers, access to ratings of performance for hospitals and providers, and letting the market do its thing.  Speeding new drugs to market may not be the best way to go without adequate testing, and increasing the age children can stay on their parents’ insurance to 26 is not exactly encouraging young people to move along with life.  That needs discussion, but the rest….

Just do it, Congress.  If Obama vetoes it, so be it.

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