Charlotte Mayor Refused Help Like MO Gov In Ferguson, Creating A Perfectly Good Crisis


It’s obvious that the mayor of Charlotte is a Democrat and it’s not just because she looks like she could be John Kerry’s long lost sister. And it goes beyond her lack of interest in wearing feminizing make up and lipstick, as futile and pointless an effort as that might ultimately prove to be anyway. The fact that she’s a Democrat is readily apparent in her style of integrity and her approach to problem solving and accepting responsibility.

Following her decision to decline an offer from Republican governor Pat McCrory to provide State Troopers and National Guard backup to the local law enforcement presence before all hell broke loose, Mayor Jennifer Roberts is taking heat. Her judgment is being questioned, as is apparent in the video below of a Thursday news conference.

The situation is reminiscent of the place where all of this Obama fomented racist division began, back in Ferguson, MO. In that instance it was the governor who opted similarly to allow violence to occur. As was reported by the Gateway Pundit:

Governor Jay Nixon (D-MO) ordered the National Guard out of Ferguson before the verdict was announced.

And….. Top Missouri Democrat leaders including Claire McCaskill, Lacy Clay, Chris Koster, Mayor Francis Slay and St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley all knew about this order.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles told local FOX 2 anchors late on Monday night, November 25, 2014, that he had repeatedly requested the National Guard during the rioting and looting… But his requests were ignored by state Democratic leaders.

It’s obvious that one of the goals of all of this Obama – DOJ federal race-baiting is to motivate voters to come out and support the Democrat Hillary Clinton against the evil crackers who kill black people for sport. It’s to the Democrat advantage to stretch the riots out and make them more violent and destructive when possible.

That is likely the real reason behind the Mayor’s refusal to accept the assistance of her Republican Governor. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of the Obama white vilification campaign in this battleground state for calm to prevail and to have the shooting investigated peacefully in accordance with the rule of law. It’s much more useful to have burning police cars and mobs of ranting, dangerous and out of control black “protesters” out looking to create mayhem for the injustice that Hillary Clinton promises to correct.

Obama’s girl, or born-female human unit, if she prefers, needed to maximize the opportunity for Hillary Clinton. Not every perfectly good crisis occurs organically. Her inability to provide a rational reason for explaining the inexcusable refusal of much-needed state resources is all the confirmation we need.

When  questioned as to why she ordered the delay, knowing that the question was coming and having plenty of time to sort out what her response would be, Roberts blamed her staff and other city officials. She said that her decision was based in part on the fact that protests during the day were peaceful, an ignorant statement to lead off with.

She then says, “We’re a team here in Charlotte,” in effect telling her questioner “don’t blame me.” She added “I rely on my experts to give me appropriate advice at the appropriate time for the appropriate resources that will be needed.” So it was their fault, the buck doesn’t stop with the mayor, nickels are thrown around the room.

She blames law enforcement and first responders, saying, “I was in constant contact with the chief, both chief of police, fire chief, uh medic, all the folks who are first responders, we were in constant contact. We made a decision when those resources were needed at the appropriate time.” We understand Mayor, just like with the current executive branch and Hillary Clinton, it’s everyone else’s fault and you’re the biggest victim of all. If only you hadn’t been so poorly served by your staff.

There was no legitimate, informed basis upon which to decide in the manner she did, just a political one. She was offered a carrot for the future if she’s able to provide an environment of bedlam, one suited for the delivery of a compelling argument on Clinton’s behalf. All she has to do is stand the heat now; Hillary and Obama have promised her a brand new kitchen.

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