Catherine Herridge – Report Exposes Clinton “Memory Problems,” FBI Sloppiness


Catherine Herridge reports on the FBI document dump of Friday, September 2nd, Labor Day weekend, in which some very unfavorable and potentially damaging information about Hillary Clinton was made public. Ms. Herridge has read much of the “302,” a summary of the FBI’s July 2nd interview of Hillary Clinton, written and signed off on by agents involved in the investigation. It is the only documentation of the interview.

Herridge notes “One of the criticisms coming into the release of these documents is that the FBI agents who questioned Mrs. Clinton never really pressed her on this issue of intent, why the server was set up in the first place, and how she felt this was consistent with maintaining federal records and the handling of classified information.”

Herridge says, “Based on the 302 this criticism is very valid. She talks about how it’s convenient but there seems to be no follow up from the agents as to why she thought this to be the case and how this in any way was going to protect classified information.”

There’s more damaging information she highlights from the release. Herridge notes, “On critical points, Mrs. Clinton seems to have forgotten or simply cannot recall for agents what the specific training was for classified information.”

Catherine Herridge points out that the instances of memory difficulties are particularly common in areas involving her training regarding the proper handling of sensitive information. Unbelievably, Clinton takes the position that she believed none of what was sent to her was classified because she counted on her aides to filter out sensitive documents and not send them to her. She also doesn’t recall how the Clinton email domain was set up in the first place.

Calling Clinton a liar without using the word, Herridge says, “So on these critical questions, she has, in almost every case, sort of a lapse in memory on the details.”

While much of the report is redacted, including fourteen pages that were completely blank, there are two instances Herridge highlights, Clinton’s loose treatment of information regarding the US drone program and the identity of a dead undercover agent, information that likely led to deadly retaliation against his family.

More bodies by the side of the road, more damage to the United States we sustained in the interest of lining the Clinton pockets and filling the Clinton Foundation coffers. Why is it that everything we learn about the Clintons comes out smelling like a cover up? Maybe Bill would like to make one of his high-priced speeches somewhere explaining how they justify espionage, selling out the United States for cash. That might actually be a speech that comes close to being worth what he’s getting paid.

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