Castro Manhandles Submissive Obama To End Cuban Press Conference


The Obama camp would have us think the series of missteps and misstatements taking place during the short span of time that the pretend ‘president’ has been in Cuba is normal, the kind of political snafus that take place in any high level get together. It’s normal for bumbling amateurs, so they’re half right.

It started with the fact that nobody was assigned to meet the visiting American ‘president’ at the airport, something everybody instinctively knows to do when they’ve got a visitor arriving from out of town or someone you are anxious to see. The Castros might not have been looking forward to the arrival of their guest of unknown origin but they weren’t oblivious to it. The Cuban human rights protesters had no problem getting to their positions at the appointed time.

But maybe there is more than just a basic difference in ideology. Maybe the Castro brothers, like their Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, just can’t stand Obama. That would mean that they’ve already found some common ground with the majority of Americans, an exhibition of diplomatic progress in its most organic form.

From the looks of things at the wrap of their press conference, Raul likely just didn’t want to get his hands dirty, and there’s no telling where that hand has been. He’s well aware of Obama’s reputation and his liberal views on certain issues. Maybe he was just exercising good hygiene.

It’s not like their arms met awkwardly in mid-air and they had to finish the handshake off from bad starting positions. Obama’s arm is outstretched to Castro’s side and he’s got a grip on the wrist the whole time, remaining stationary as the arm goes up and the limp wrist comes flopping down.

It’s easy to see who is the alpha male in this situation. Obama is being manhandled by the little dictator and characteristically assuming the submissive role that comes “naturally” to him. This is Obama foreign policy encapsulated into a frozen moment in time.

Obama just smiled, perhaps not aware of just how bad he looked. There wasn’t so much as a “Thtop it, you thilly man,” uttered; just a big toothy grin.

This guy shouldn’t be allowed out of the house let alone into foreign nations to supposedly represent us. The embarrassments just keep coming.


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