Cargill Refuses To Bow To Islamic Employees’ Demands


The news on this New Year’s Day is full of the 190 muslims fired from a Cargill meat processing plant in Fort Morgan, Colorado.  The newly unemployed muslims claim that Cargill changed their policy and refused to allow them time to pray.  Officials at Cargill claim that’s not quite the way it happened.

“There has been a desire among some employees to go in larger groups of people to pray. We just can’t accommodate that,” Martin said. “It backs up the flow of all the production. We’re a federally inspected, USDA inspected plant. We have to ensure food safety. We have to ensure the products we produce meet consumer expectations.”

When the employees were told that they could not en masse walk out of the plant and pray, and had to stick to the previous accommodations made by Cargill which include smaller groups leaving the production area at a time, a reflection room made available to them since 2009, and prayer at break times and the lunch hour, 190 employees protested by not showing up for work for three consecutive days without reason.  By the policy of the corporation – the same as most other places of work in the United States – Cargill fired 160 “holdout” employees on December 23.  A few employees resigned.  And, of course, the apologists for Islam are working overtime to guilt Cargill into giving the fired employees their jobs back.  (Cargill’s policy is that terminated employees cannot reapply for jobs for six months.)

On Dec. 18, the Friday before employee protests began Dec. 21, “the workers were told: ‘If you want to pray, go home,’ ” CAIR spokesman Jaylani Hussein said.

“To these employees, that is what it is. Maybe Cargill never changed its policy, but to these employees, they feel whatever the policy is, or how it is implemented, there was a change put in place,” Hussein said.

So, this is being chalked up to a communications problem by CAIR?  There’s a reason everything is time stamped in corporate America: a proven timeline.  There’s a good chance that excuse can be debunked without much of a problem.  Lesson learned – maybe – that corporate terms of employment trump religious habits in America.  All Christians know that.  If religion is that important that it interferes with work time rules, find another place to work.  The difference in this case is that the muslims are actually going to try to use a form of collective bargaining to guilt Cargill into giving them their way.

As it happens, the almost 600 muslims, mostly hailing from Somalia, employed by Cargill at the Morgan Creek, Colorado plant are represented by the Teamsters Union along with the other 1,400 workers.  The positions in question pay around $14 an hour.

More information on this muslims in America fiasco at Daily Mail.

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