Canadian Ted Cruz May Not Be On NJ Ballot – Judge Hears Eligibility Arguments


Although the argument has moved to a New Jersey courtroom over the eligibility of Canadian-born Ted Cruz to be president, they still fail to address the complete point. The law professor and GOP presidential candidate who brought the suit is ignoring half of the issue. Since Ted Cruz was born in a foreign country, Canada, he had 18 years in which to become a documented American citizen by having his birth registered with the State Department.

If he or any other foreign born child of an American citizen fails to do that, they lose any claim to their American citizenship; it disappears. There is no evidence that Ted Cruz ever fulfilled that obligation. Absent his having done so, or acquired citizenship through another method, he’s an illegal alien in the United States and guilty of election fraud. He should be required to show evidence that he complied with the law, evidence which likely doesn’t exist and which is at the root of the reason why he has sealed his records.

On the issue of the hearing that took place in a New Jersey courtroom this morning, Judge Jeff Masin said he would issue a decision Tuesday on the challenges to Cruz’s eligibility to appear on the June 7 primary ballot.

New Jersey Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, who is also the New Jersey Secretary of State, refused to allow Cruz’ name to be on the ballot until a decision had been rendered in a lawsuit was filed by write-in candidate for president Victor Williams. Williams, a law professor at the Columbus School of Law in Washington, DC, is on the ballot in eight states, which he says provides him the necessary standing for his suit.

Mr. Williams argues that Cruz did not even become a naturalized citizen until the year 2014 and that if he were in fact a natural born citizen, there would have been no need for him to have been naturalized. Williams also makes the case that it is the responsibility of Cruz to prove he is eligible, not that of the State to prove that he is not.

Judge Masin has previously ruled, in 2012, in favor of Hussein Obama in a challenge to his eligibility filed by three New Jersey complainants whose cases against Cruz were also heard on Monday. That is a possible indication that the ever slippery Cruz may be able to simply hide his records, thumb his nose at the American people, and continue to usurp the Constitution.

Even if the judge were to rule that Cruz meets his definition of a natural born citizen, he still should be required to prove that he complied with the legal requirement of declaring his foreign birth. A failure to do so makes the issue of whether he is natural born or not moot. Unless he proves he was naturalized in 2014, which would invalidate his claims of eligibility to be president, Cruz isn’t an American at all. He and his parents simply squandered his opportunity.

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