Can Social Media Be Blamed For Teen Suicides? Possibly



Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team.

Dr. Ablow perceives the adolescents, teenagers and those in their 20’s are not in tune with their own existence, called reality.  He states Facebook, Tinder, Twitter and modern technology of communication vectors have influenced the way these young adults think of themselves.  It has been increasingly negative. Suicide rates among young people are up at 13 % since 2010.

Too many of them see their lives as a series of flickering photos or quick videos. They need constant doses of admiration and constant confirmation of their tenuous existence, which come in the form of Facebook “likes” and Twitter “retweets.”

It’s been studied and known in the field of Psychology, that substitution of media for “real meaning” has invaded self-esteem and abilities to sustain themselves through adverse times in life.  It’s actually cheapened the values they assign to life in general, including their own life.

If all the worlds a stage of pixels and  the young people see themselves as their tweets and Snapchat photos, then taking a fist-full of pills could seem like no more than the equivalent of shutting down a Facebook account or turning off an iPhone.

Summarize it all up to be called, “Suicide by Social Media”

If one feels they’re only serving a purposeless existence because they never feel truly alive, then they can entertain the notion of killing themselves, without the normal psychological hurdles.

Dr.Ablow believes that, drugs like heroin are rampant. Heroin kills real feelings. And young people are, increasingly, strangers to dealing with real feelings. Heroin is just the powdered equivalent of text messaging, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the technology drugs Americans— especially American teen— are mainlining every single day.

This is one reason why young people are increasingly fascinated with dramas about vampires and zombies. They know something about the walking dead.

H/T:  Fox News