Call Trump Unstable, Unfit – Their Duty As Radical Clinton Operatives


Even though the Democrat and Republican parties might not be united the media most certainly is. As far as they and the political establishment are concerned, Hillary Clinton, in spite of her criminality against the United States, is the only choice for president. The character assassination of Donald Trump proves that and it is relentless.

The DNC controls MSNBC, as was demonstrated in a Wikileaks release in which Debbie Wasserman Schultz was show to have made a phone call and told their management to change the positions of their Morning Joe program. The following day, as Julian Assange details, the program issued an on air reversal.

In this clip and on the program in general, the effort clearly is to portray Trump as being mentally unfit, just at the time when Obama made those claims and the talking points of all Democrats are reflective of that being their strategy. They are attempting to portray the lying criminal agent of espionage who is pillaging the people of the United States as the lesser of two evils by labeling Trump as an unstable madman.

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski is a globalist daughter of the Chieftain of globalism, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski is a CFR member who founded both FEMA and the Trilateral Commission as National Security Advisor under his fellow globalist and President, Jimmy Carter. Mika is also a globalist CFR member, as is her co-host and suspected partner in a personal relationship Joe Scarborough.

There is no reason to expect any objectivity or fairness from MSNBC and every indication that the Morning Joe program is acting to assist the Clinton campaign in every way they can. Brzezinski and her comrade Andrea Mitchell commiserated on air back in May about the lies they were being told by Hillary Clinton. Those are sentiments they seem now to have completely gotten over.

There is no doubt what was in their marching orders on the morning of this interview with General Michael Hayden. Scarborough says to Hayden, “Okay so Donald Trump, he may not be the most stable guy in the world but there certainly are enough checks and balances so if he gets angry he can’t launch a nuclear weapon. Can you walk us through that? What safeguards are there to stop, let’s just say any president, (after smearing Trump specifically) who may not be stable from launching a nuclear attack against another country.”

The “worried” Brzezinski accentuates Scarborough’s attack with a strategic “please confirm.” She’s so cute isn’t she, as she uses her “scared little girl voice” and asks “What are you saying?” That would be great for a Clinton commercial.

Forget about the hideous crimes and the other lies that Clinton has told you, listen to and propagate the smears. This propaganda is what passes for journalism in today’s captive slave society. We’re not free and we’ve only got one chance to wrest our freedom back short of violence. That is why they are pulling out all the stops and why these traitors are helping to promote the false narrative.


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