Calgary Ted Cruz’s Fairy Tale Trump Is Clinton’s VP – Desperation Setting In


Ted Cruz, the Canadian Carpetbagger who pretends to be an American so he can usurp the office of President of the United States, came to Indiana a few days ago to deceive the people there into supporting him as the establishment’s front man.

Cruz is an economical liar, always packing the maximum amount of falsehoods into a minimal amount of words. His skills at deception were on full display as he portrayed Donald Trump as Hillary Clinton’s running mate, based upon a narrative composed of lies and half truths about Trump, as well as a heaping helping of misstatements and cover ups of Cruz’s own anti-American record.

Cruz blends the usual amount of hypocrisy into the mixture of breathless phony preacher, outright liar, and nasty politician as he completely fabricates thirteen supposed points in which Trump and Clinton are in agreement.

The portrayals of Trump’s positions are false, both as deliberate fictional creations and as distortions, and not by just a little bit. Cruz is clearly becoming desperate and letting it all hang out as any pretext of self-control or responsibility in his assertions has evaporated like the vapor trailing his breathless, “God Bless the State of Indiana.”

He gets through all thirteen lies before a member of the small audience points out that Cruz is not even eligible to run for office, as an illegal alien. Cruz talks over him the whole time, not wanting to have his audience discover one of his many dirty little secrets.

You can’t keep the lid on these forever, Cruz, as you well know.  How much is the establishment paying you to throw this to Hillary Clinton. Ironic isn’t it, that Cruz is actually her running mate of sorts, given the narrative he babbles out in the video.

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