Bystander Yells “Bill Clinton Is A Rapist” During Live TV Broadcast


One passerby on a Saturday Fox News outdoors segment seemed to be an excellent judge of character or the extreme lack thereof and wanted to get his point across on national television.

He appeared behind the trio of hosts promoting a “strut you mutt” event. As Abby Huntsman was hyping the “most adorable, adoptable dogs,” the man opened up his shirt and flipped his tie up out of the way to expose his t-shirt underneath which had a picture of Bill Clinton with the word Rape underneath on the front.

He pointed to it as he yelled out, “Bill Clinton is a rapist.” There was an offer made by Alex Jones of $5,000 cash to anyone who could get on national television and do what this individual just did. That could have a little something to do with it.

Clinton had some less than flattering comments about Mr. Jones recently so there was likely a little payback incentive involved. Then again, there is a whole generation of voters who don’t know the Clinton tag team where Bill does the raping and Hillary performs the political cleanup afterwards.

The reaction of the three hosts is almost as entertaining as the actual event or the imagery of what Hillary and Bill were saying and spitting when they first saw it.

Huntsman and Ed Henry responded in typical “keep rolling” news anchor fashion. Tucker Carlson busted a gut, laughing, obviously not offended in the least at the civilian truth-telling going on behind him. As the security officers dragged the man away, Carlson said, “We’ve got a very excitable young man behind us, not a Bill Clinton fan. He’s a little upset but that’s okay.”

They continue on with the planned dog segment but it just got a lot tougher to grab the people’s attention. Talk about stealing your thunder. The few other bystanders seem to get a kick out of it as well, but nobody to the degree that Carlson did.

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