Busted! DHS Secretary Johnson Succeeded And Prosecuted By Rudy Giuliani


It’s the kind of thing that is hopefully giving DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson heartburn and keeping him up at night. The threats which would prompt that type of response from Johnson aren’t against the United States; potential terrorist attacks are simply met with a reminder to “see something say something” and a PR trip to a mosque.

And it isn’t a reaction to the hordes of illegals pouring across the southern border with Mexico. His only problem there is finding enough housing and transportation to quickly relocate his “new and improved Americans” off into the nationwide shadows. An acceleration of the pace of the invasion is the type of thing that would prompt Johnson to celebrate with a shot of tequila, a swing at a Trump piñata and perhaps an amateurish attempt at the “Mexican Hat Dance.”

What may be keeping him up at night is the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency and the word that Trump is considering former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to succeed Johnson as DHS Secretary. There couldn’t be a worse choice from Johnson’s criminal perspective. AP reported on Wednesday,

“Donald Trump is revealing some possible Cabinet picks if he’s elected president.

In an interview with Fox News’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” the presumptive GOP nominee says he’d consider naming former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani secretary of homeland security, Gov. Chris Christie attorney general and Dr. Ben Carson secretary of health and human services.

He says he has not made final decisions, “but certainly they would three very wise choices.”

Even if Johnson keeps the shredders going night and day and if he’s been using Hillary Clinton style personal email accounts to circumvent FOIA requests in areas where he’s most vulnerable, his most unconstitutional breaches of federal law and the people’s trust will still inevitably be exposed. He can’t prevent people from talking to their new boss or from sharing documents or information that Johnson’s purges may have overlooked.

With morale at DHS lower than any other agency and those employees resentful of leadership that they recognize has attacked the country they swore to defend, has ruined the reputation of their own agency, and forced them to repeatedly violate their oaths of office to defend the Constitution, there’s no way his crimes are going to unnoticed. They’ll most certainly, upon being defined, be prosecuted.

Given Giuliani’s record as a former US Attorney who targeted organized crime and his tough on crime reputation a New York City Mayor, Giuliani is not likely to overlook the lawbreaking that has been taking place within DHS under Johnson and to a lesser degree his predecessor Janet Napolitano, as well as back into the Bush administration under Michael Chertoff. Hopefully there are no skeletons in Giuliani’s closet or loyalties that we’re not aware of which would prevent him from doing the right thing.

President Trump will most certainly encourage both Giuliani and Christie, if they are given the nod for those positions, to pursue an investigation and prosecution of the Obama mafia members, all the way up to and including Hillary Clinton and the illegal alien squatter who continues to taint our White House.

Johnson and his anti-American comrades must have been quite comfortable that the United States would not return to the hands of the American people when he agreed to pursue his lawless assault on our nation. It’s a decision which, barring something disastrous being orchestrated against the American people and the new hope for America, Donald Trump, leaves Johnson in serious legal jeopardy.

How certain they must have been that America was done for and that they would be the ones to push us over the edge. Hopefully they will pay for their criminal assault on America. They may not go quietly, but neither will we and there are a lot more of us.

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