BUILD THAT WALL: Trump Inspires Europe, New Anti-Migrant Wall Going Up

Word is now floating across the pond that following Brexit, a Theresa May led Britain is looking into walling off a main conduit of refugee traffic into the British Isles.

…the UK has announced the construction of a “great wall” near its most porous border in Calais, to keep illegal migrants out.

For those of us Yanks who are scratching our heads thinking that our knowledge of European geography must be really off, the entry into Britain from France is on the French side of the Channel.  Hence, building a British wall on French soil.  (And causing at least a thousand years’ worth of monarchs to be turning in their graves.)

According to figures released last month, British authorities have stopped 84,088 refugees from jumping the fence at Calais.  That is four times the rate of just a few years ago.  The new wall is to be 4 meters high (roughly 13 feet).  The smooth concrete of it (hard to climb without the right equipment) will line the roads to and from the tunnel that connects France and Britain.  From Breitbart:

 “We are going to start building this big, new wall as part of the £17 million package we are doing with the French,” the UK’s immigration minister Robert Goodwill told a parliamentary committee yesterday, the Telegraph reports.

“People are still getting through,” he added. “We’ve done the fence, now we’re doing the wall”.

“We have also invested in space for 200 lorries at Calais so that they have somewhere safe to wait”, the minister also explained.

In recent weeks, a number of reports coming out of the “Jungle of Calais,” a refugee camp with squalid living conditions, are telling of the horrors and the number of people who are looking to escape it.  As Britain is the last remaining stronghold in Europe other than Hungary just opening the borders, risking the short trip is enticing to those who seem to have no hope.

Refugees have been hiding out in trucks and other legal forms of transportation to get to Britain without having to through proper channels.  Transportation professionals recently staged protests in the face of nothing being done to stem the tide of migrants hopping rides.

Earlier this week, hundreds of truckers, dockworkers, and farmers shut down main roadsinto Calais in protest of the violence and inaction on behalf of the authorities.

Mr. Goodwill admitted that the aim of reducing immigration to the tens of thousands was a “big challenge” in such circumstances. “That is our clear objective and we intend to pursue every visa route that we can to reduce those numbers,” he said.

And the Brits think a thirteen foot wall is going to help.  Maybe Donald Trump is rubbing off on them.

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