BRUSSELS: Judge Napolitano Gives His JAW DROPPING Theory Of The Crime WATCH

OMG, Inspector Clouseau lives.  Well, his spirit anyway.  According to America’s beloved former federal judge, Andrew Napolitano, the law enforcement officials in France and Belgium most likely tripped a few wires before this morning’s explosions in Brussels.  Judge Nap explained his theory – which actually sounds pretty plausible – to Stuart Varney on Fox Business Channel.

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Just to be clear from the Fox Business News website:

“This was a catastrophic mistake in which he [Abdeslam] used them to send these signals out there. They even revealed that he told them he wants to sue whoever is leaking about his interrogation.”…

Judge Napolitano stated that Abdeslam is being interrogated by both Belgian and French investigators and the information is being revealing to the press as to what Abdeslam is telling them in real time.

“It’s a dog whistle. It’s a sub-rosa signal to his confederates in Brussels. It’s time for you to get out, create a diversion for you to get out,” Judge Napolitano told Stuart Varney.

The judge is exactly correct in one respect: this sort of leaking of information in real time in a criminal investigation in the United States is simply not done no matter how hard the media tries to get law enforcement to spill the beans.  The closest we have gotten to any such information before an investigation was finished of late is the Hillary Clinton email investigation where the documents sought during discovery have been part of Freedom of Information Act lawsuits and therefore public information.  Usually, the idea is to keep information that only the guilty would know out of the public eye, not to trigger sleeper cells, but the same concept applies.  Too much information given to the public compromises investigations and therefore public safety.

In Belgium, the information released may well have triggered the attacks on Brussels, and therefore the victimization of countless people and the destruction of one of the main modes of transportation, and severely damaged another.  Given that reality, Judge Napolitano’s theory deserves a hearing, and if he’s right, the people of Brussels deserve an apology from their government

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