Brit Bookmakers: Election Odds Switch To Trump

On the other side of the pond, the people are not so squeamish as Americans descended from Puritans about betting.  In fact, they’ll bet on just about anything, even elections.  In 2016, the Vegas odds may well be still showing a Hillary Clinton win, but over in the old country, United Kingdom, specifically, the system that correctly predicted the Brexit vote, is now giving improved odds for a Donald Trump victory.  The handicap is now 4-1 rather than 11-2 courtesy of “punters.”  From the UK Independent via The Gateway Pundit:

Bookmaker William Hill says 71 per cent of the money so far staked is for Democrat Hillary Clinton. But 65 per cent of the bets by number are for the controversial Republican.

That means a lot more punters are putting smaller bets on Trump, almost exactly the same pattern as was seen in the run up to the Brexit vote when the money was for Remain but the majority of bets were for Leave.

To interpret that for those who know American English rather than the Queeen’s, the bets with more money are counting on a Hillary win, while the “punters” or smaller betters, are placing MORE bets overall.  Therefore, the handicap corrected.  This is the same movement that the bookmakers saw ahead of the Brexit vote when the people of United Kingdom said to the globalists that they did not want to be part of the European Union.  Not that the British government has done anything about that since, though.


Given the gaslighting that’s been going on in the American news media including victory laps for Hillary three weeks before the election, and messaging that the support for Donald Trump is softening despite record rally participation that is posted online all the time, the odds makers may know something that the American mainstream media doesn’t.  If that’s the case, DO NOT be complacent.  Every vote counts, especially this year.

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