BREAKING! SHOTS FIRED During “Peaceful” Protest at Chicago Trump Rally



It’s now being reported that shots have been fired at a “peaceful” protest in Chicago. Several police officers were also assaulted by hateful protesters.

It’s a sad day in America when free speech is shut down by intolerant liberals, but that is exactly what happened tonight.  Hundreds of protesters, mostly Bernie Sanders supporters, crashed the rally and were so aggressive, Trump was forced to cancel the event for security reasons.

The protesters not only fought with police, they also blocked cars, and assaulted Trump supporters.


It’s funny that these liberals claim to be protesting hate while holding hateful signs that read ” F*ck Donald Trump.”

It’s now being reported that liberal organization organized this rally to stifle free speech.  This is typical left wing THUGGERY. They refuse to allow democracy if they don’t agree with the candidate or the cause.

This is intolerance in it’s purest form. These protesters feel that their right to free speech is more important than the rights of others.  Please pray for our police and for the safety of everyone who attended the rally.


Here are just a few clips of how “peaceful” this protest really is…

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