ISIS Car Bomb Kills Cops

ISIS has already claimed responsibility for a bombing that took place Tuesday. Their Twitter followers are circulating a statement praising a fighter known as Abu Abdul-Rahman al-Shami for the attack.

The suicide bomber detonated a car bomb in Damascus, the capitol of Syria.


ISIS car bomb explodes

Targeted in the incident was a Syrian police officer’s club. 8 law enforcement agents are dead as a result of the blast.

Several police cars that were parked outside the club were destroyed, as well.

The club is located next to a vegetable market. 2 civilians were killed and 20 additional people were wounded when the car bomb exploded.

Footage of the blast scene was shown on Syrian state TV. It included the burnt out car used by the bomber along with multiple other damaged vehicles in the area surrounding it.

ISIS propaganda generators are promising more attacks in the coming days.

This incident comes just 1 week after a terrorist attempted to bomb a plane in Somalia. That man was comically unsuccessful. His attempt resulted in only his own death.

Just over a month ago, however, a suicide bomber was able to take the lives of 10 people at a tourist attraction in Turkey.  15 others were wounded in the same assault.

Around a similar time frame, ISIS claimed responsibility for a triple suicide bomb attack outside a Shia mosque. This event, also in Damascus, killed 60 and put dozens of others in critical condition.

102 people were murdered in October 2015 by another such bomber in Ankara.

The highest recent death toll was in Paris. In November of last year bombers massacred 130 in the French capitol. 368 people were injured, with nearly 100 of those injuries being critical.

ISIS shows no signs of slowing the assaults. Currently, the excuse they are using for their attacks is retaliation against supposed “cluster bomb” raids by the Russian military.

We can only hope that they recruit more bombers like the one shown recently on video self-detonating when he fell of a skateboard. Those are the kind of terrorists I would like to see more of.

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source: Fox News