BREAKING! Iran Commander Aims 100,000 Missiles Ready To Hit Israel and Issues DEADLY Threats!



Iran Commander Aims 100,000 Missiles Ready To Hit Israel and Issues DEADLY Threats!


Now that Obama’s nuke deal has passed, the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani said, “It was the cheapest way to achieve Iran’s goals and interests.” Hussein Salami,the Iranian Commander of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard, warns he is ready to blow Israel off the map at this moment. He said there are tens of thousands missiles in Lebanon and they’re ready for Hezbollah to strike Israel. “The  opportunity to destroy Israel is now more than ever.”

The country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,  called for student associations to establish a “unified anti-US and anti-Zionist front” among the Muslim world’s students, Tasnim News Agency reported. Rouhani said the pre-Iran nuclear-deal era is past and Iran now needs to take advantage of the new atmosphere to pursue its “national interests more than before.”

The Jerusalem Post, reported that Salami warned that Israel’s occupied territories could come under attack if they make the “wrong move.” “Israel’s Iran Dome anti-rocket system has vulnerabilities that were revealed in recent wars,” Salami said.

The global arrogance (the United States and its allies) wants to create discord among Muslims … Unity is the only way to restore stability in the region,” Rouhani said. “We stand with the dispossessed Palestinian nation.”

“Today, the grounds for the annihilation and collapse of the Zionist regime are [present] more than ever,” he declared, saying there are “tens of thousands of destructive long-range missiles” from Islamic territories aiming at all of “occupied” Israel.
If Israel goes to war with Iran, USA is committed to protect Israel.  NATO will stand with Israel should Iran bomb the people of Israel. We will be in world war caused by Iran, our enemy. Why this information isn’t THE headline news is troubling. Wait until missile strikes happen and our nation will see that all American lives, liberty and freedoms are at stake.


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