BREAKING: Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump For President

On Friday, hours after a contentious Republican debate where Donald Trump was double teamed by Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, New Jersey Governor and former presidential candidate Chris Christie announced his endorsement of Donald Trump for president during a press conference in Fort Worth,Texas.

Christie’s decision, he says, came after he withdrew from the presidential race, went back to New Jersey to prepare the state’s budget, and he sat down with his wife Mary Pat.  Together, they determined that he would endorse the candidate who would “make sure Hillary Clinton never gets 10 miles from the White House.”  He would endorse the person he thought could actually win the general election.

Christie informed Mr. Trump that he would be the beneficiary of the governor’s backing on Thursday, and the two sat down to talk over matters.  They both claim that the campaign trail spats have been left behind.

In addition to Trump leading the polls and the momentum he has going into super Tuesday, Christie said that Trump’s executive experience was a factor in his decision.  Trump has had to make executive decisions that no one left in the race other than John Kasich has made, including budget preparation, and leading multiple departments.   That seemed to be a vital issue for Governor Christie.

Christie’s statements also included mantras that echo Mr. Trump’s campaign slogans of needing leadership and more than “amateur hour” in Washington.  Christie spoke out against interference from Washington in state matters, something he seems to think Trump can help relieve.  In addition, Marco Rubio was repeatedly slammed by Christie for being a first term senator who never shows up for work.

Trump did address at length the income tax audits that he has endured for years.  He says that when the current one is over he will release the results.  He claims that the audits are an annual affair and that many of his rich friends escape the stigma.

This story is developing as the pundits and talking heads begin to parse the meaning and timing of Christie’s endorsement.

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