Border Numbers Increasing Rather Than Dropping As Obama Exit Nears


As Border Patrol agents report a new surge of illegal aliens from Central America invading our southern border, there are questions as to why the numbers haven’t begun slowing down as they have over the past few years of the Obama/Johnson caused crisis at the border.

There has been what is now termed a “usual” late summer slowdown that is not evident this year. The reason seems obvious. Hussein Obama is on the way out and if Donald Trump wins, our border begins to mean something again. The invaders are crossing while they can, while all they have to do is show up, hold out their hands and they’re given the keys to America.

An article in the Washington Times describes the levels as nearly 10,000 people being nabbed traveling as families, a 24 percent increase. They’re not nabbed, they surrender and ask for asylum, having gotten the word from Obama’s surrogates that the laws don’t apply. Just say you have a “credible fear” and you get to stay. Call it an Obamavisa.

More than 68,000 family units, mostly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, have taken advantage of the Obamavisa so far this year.The number of unaccompanied minors  stands at over 54,000, most of it passing through the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan testified to Congress on Tuesday that agents are simply overwhelmed by the numbers.

The deliberate abuse of the system by Obama’s anti-American henchman, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, forces agents to spend their time processing children and other so-called asylum seekers rather than on the border protecting the nation. He said, “Instead of taking agents that have been trained, have a national security mission, should be on the front line, I’m taking them off the front line a lot to process a 6-year-old, an 11-year-old, as part of the humanitarian mission.”

The border enforcers are removed from defensive operations to surrender facilitation, the processing of those who would, under a real president, have been denied entry at the border. Illegals and terrorists now have, for the next four months, a much greater chance of evading capture and entering the United States undetected. A surge in numbers is to be expected, and those are just the ones we know about. The ones who surrendered. Jihadi Jeh Johnson and his comrades in DHS leadership must be very pleased with themselves and the damage they are inflicting upon the American infidels.

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