BOOM! Undercover Video Reveals New York Election Fraud

Every time there is an election in the United States, there are reports of voter and election fraud.  Every time there are reports of voter and election fraud, we hear crickets from the mainstream media.  Every time we hear crickets from the mainstream media, a little piece of the democratic heart of America dies.

This past Tuesday in New York, as the primary voting commenced, reports of voter fraud and “irregularities” went into the office of the New York Attorney General by the hundreds.  This was actually to be expected.  In 2016, the voter turnouts have been higher than normal in the PRIMARIES let alone the upcoming general election, and “New York values” people do not put up with being disenfranchised.

That being the case, Project Veritas sent a few people undercover to various precincts in New York City and caught, not disenfranchisement, not irregularities, but actual fraud on tape.  Check it out:

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If this writer didn’t have a headache before, she does now.  Even living in the land of the moonbats, there is no signing affidavits and voting in an election where a person is not registered where she lives.  A longtime neighbor was turned away from the polls not too long ago because she had been knocked off the voting roles due to not having voted in a while.  There is no excuse for a poll worker just saying, “Sure, it’s fine,” to just anyone walking in and wanting to vote.

And all good Americans know that demonstrating support for one candidate over another at the polls is strictly prohibited.  Or should be.  Pushing the edge of the envelope seems to be the norm for Americans hell bent on being obnoxious about it, but at the same time poll workers should know the rules.

If there is any lesson in this video it is that American elections would benefit from either moving them to Saturdays, or taking election day off so that competent people can work the polls.  At this point, the workers are largely retirees who are easily manipulated.  (Just a suggestion.)

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