Bongino – Obama, Media Silence As Whites Beaten Exposes Anti-White Racism


Steve Malzberg and Dan Bongino address the anti-white racism and anti-cop political pandering and manipulation that is being exhibited by the media and the Obama regime in the events surrounding the civil unrest and rioting in Charlotte.

Malzberg plays a couple of clips, one of a white man being chased in Charlotte parking garage, then beaten and stripped by a gang of five or six thugs and another of a Charlotte homeless man being sucker-kicked by a thug because he’s white.

He points out with disdain in his voice how the media chooses to not report what is happening when it comes to the violence against white people. He’s even more disgusted by the fact that “we have an Attorney General and we have a ‘president’ who don’t come out and say, ‘Blacks don’t hunt down whites or you will be punished to the full extent of the law.'”

Dan Bongino asks the question, “Where the hell is Barack Obama now?” He says, “I mean this guy has something to say about every police use of force incident when there’s some political ends to be gained. And you have the shooting in North Carolina, where it’s clear as day there’s another false narrative out there, Steve. The guy did not have a book. He wasn’t reading a book, okay. There was a gun.”

He continues, “We don’t know if it was a good use of force or a bad use of force incident yet but we know this idea that he was reading like To Kill a Mockingbird and some murderous cop blasting away for no reason is patently false.”

Again he asks, “Where is Obama now? Why isn’t he at the microphone saying, ‘hey, you know what folks, maybe we should get the facts in this before we do this. Maybe we shouldn’t be beating up people in garages and ripping their pants off because you’re like social justice warriors or something.”

“I mean where is he now?” He notes, “This is like the political failure, the leadership failure from the top down, that, and this is Obama’s America, a new divided America where we coddle murderous, assaulting thugs beating people up in garages. And then when it comes to protecting the cops from this stuff when you can correct the narrative they don’t do it. It’s a disgrace.”

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