CHARLOTTE BOMBSHELL REPORT: Dashcam Video Debunks Narrative – He Had A GUN

Word out of Charlotte, North Carolina is that sources with the police claim that the dashcam footage of Keith Scott show him advancing on police with a gun.


If this is the case, it completely debunks the narrative put forth on social media by his family that Keith Scott had a book in his hand and not weapon.  Police claim no book was recovered at the scene, but a gun was.

After two nights of violence in Charlotte that has seen massive destruction of private property, beaten private citizens, and national coverage of the Black Live Matter movement flair again, calls for calm are coming from all quarters.

“We need answers and we need justice, but neither will come through violence. We must work together to ensure the process is swift, just and transparent. That begins with actions like releasing the video and calling for transparency, accountability and collaboration,” Congresswoman Alma S. Adams said, in a statement posted on Facebook.

Now that sources are claiming the dashcam video backs the police story, calls for its release are coming from multiple civil rights concerns.  The release of such evidence might influence a jury or grand jury, but that seems to be of minimal consideration when it comes to quelling racial violence as the United States has come to know the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We demand a full investigation into why yet another black person in the United States has died at the hands of a police officer,” Karen Anderson, executive director of the ACLU of North Carolina, said in a statement. “In the interest of transparency and accountability, and particularly in light of conflicting accounts about the shooting, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department should quickly release any and all footage it has of the events leading up to the shooting, as well as the shooting itself. The department should also explain why the officer who shot Mr. Scott was not wearing a body camera.”

And We the People demand to know why the little fact that the people getting shot by police – black or any other color – just happen to not be following orders when it happens.

Following the shooting, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said that Scott was considered a threat because he had a firearm with him when officers were looking for a different person with an outstanding warrant at an apartment complex. After approaching Scott in his car, officers told him to drop his handgun but he did not follow the orders, Police Chief Kerr Putney said, adding that black officer Brentley Vinson later shot Scott.

And that, folks, is how all these people are getting shot.  Another narrative debunked thanks to the evidence.

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