The Body Part Cruz Has That Trump Doesn’t- The Proof Is Undeniable

Cruz- Trump

The Body Part Cruz Has That Trump Doesn’t

There is one, glaring difference between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. It is a major body part that Cruz seems to have that Trump seems to lack.

The body part I am discussing is a spine. It is a backbone.

Not the literal one, of course, but the figurative one that allows a person to stand up for what they believe in.

Cruz- Trump

Cruz- Trump

Trump may talk tough, but that’s all it is, talk.

Cruz is the only one of the two candidates who has had the fortitude to defend what he believes is right and vehemently oppose what he believes is wrong.

This is not just one author’s opinion. The facts speak for themselves.

Cruz has always been against Obamacare. He spoke for 21 straight hours on the Senate floor in order to keep it from receiving funding. That’s 21 hours without a single break to fight a system he felt was harmful to Americans.

When Obama was trying to cram an immigration initiative down our throats, it was Ted Cruz who made an 11th hour stand that forced the Senate into a Saturday session.

More recently, he took on Planned Parenthood with gusto. When Republican and Democratic leaders were trying to pass a quickie spending bill, Ted called for a vote on a bill that would defund the organization.

He faced off with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over the Export- Import Bank. He even called him a liar on the Senate floor.

He willingness to defy convention, and his fellow lawmakers, has not earned him any friends in Washington. That is not what Cruz is there for, though. His mission is to guard the American people from donor driven decisions and policies that don’t protect them.

And then, there’s Trump.

Donald Trump’s goal seems to be the furtherance of Donald Trump. His invertebrate antics on the campaign trail prove that.

His defense of a specific stance only lasts as long as it is the popular belief to hold.

The moment his current view goes out of favor with the public, he backs down and changes it to reflect whatever will get him another “atta boy” from the crowd.

Think I’m being biased? Let’s look.

Trump used to be pro-choice. Now that he’s running on the Republican ticket, he’s pro-life.

He was once in favor of a ban on assault weapons. He is now against it.

In 2002 he told Howard Stern he thought invading Iraq was a good idea. Since that’s not popular anymore, he is touting his opposition to it.

Just since beginning his campaign, he has flip-flopped.

He was all in for torture of captured ISIS fighters one day and called it unlawful the next.

On H-1B visas, Trump has reversed himself twice.

When it comes to Syrian refugees, he has been ambivalent as well. First he said about taking them in that “on a humanitarian basis, you have to.” While on the trail, however, he stated “If I win, they’re going out.”

Is it really safe to elect a man who doesn’t have the backbone to say “This is what I believe. PERIOD!”? Can we truly say that we would be better off by putting someone in office who is more concerned with popularity than policy?

Only one of the two has demonstrated that he not a political mollusk. It is that man, Ted Cruz, who we should choose to lead our nation.

© 2016 Vianna Vaughan