Blizzard Causes Real Life Hunger Games!

Hunger Games

Blizzard Causes Real Life Hunger Games

It happens just like a movie. Someone makes an announcement that an unavoidable force is coming.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, a family member volunteers as tribute and begins to get dressed for battle.

He or she dons protective clothing and bravely heads toward the arena.

In our case, however, the force is a blizzard of historic proportions and the protective clothing is not armor, it’s boots and a hooded parka.

Empty shelves

Empty shelves

The arena? The grocery store.

Once there, the tribute must battle against others to gain the necessary supplies to survive. A strategy must be laid out if they are to be successful.

If one is lucky, they can gain allies to assist them. In most cases, though, it is every tribute for themselves.

Once in the arena all rules of civility are thrown out. Others will do whatever they must in order to  obtain the supplies for themselves. Tempers will flare and heated words will often be exchanged. Physical altercations are likely to occur.

Time is limited and other tributes are often taken out of the game because of a lack of resources.

All of this takes place with cameras rolling. People from other parts of the country watch in comfort as panicked tributes battle for the few items available to them.

The victors are celebrated upon their return home. They have saved themselves and their loved ones from death. For now, they will be safe.

Supermarket brawl

Supermarket brawl

At this same time next year, they know that someone will, again, have to face the trials of the arena. Sometimes by then, another family member is available to go. On occasion, however, the same tribute who was forced to to battle before must, once again, risk life and limb for the sake of their family’s survival.

To those who courageously volunteer for the Hunger Games we say: “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

2016 Vianna Vaughan