Black Trump Supporter GOES OFF On Protesters and Proves Who The TRUE Racists Really Are!




In San Diego, at a Trump rally, a black Trump supporter courageously proves his point about who the REAL racists really are.

In the video, he expresses that although black, a Trump supporter still remains a racist in the eyes of the leftist, socialist, anti-trump movement. They attack him verbally as he walks through the barriers of Trump supporters into Anti-Trump protesters. They mutilate his character using gross hand signs along with yelling profanities.

The Trump supporter tells the camera that “We need Donald Trump” and this one black protester gets up in his face and tells him he’s not black.  I have to hand it to this supporter, as he smiles and states his vote among the group of animal like protesters.

He states that if a Anti-Trump protester walks over to the Trump supporters group, that person would be treated with respect and honor.  Unlike the never Trump protesters who totally disrespect this black man’s right to vote for whomever he wants.  The protesters force themselves upon him like a pack of wolves and he calls them out on their savage behavior.

This is a common plan of attack from liberals when it comes to minorities. Somehow, being a conservative and thinking for yourself makes you “less black”. If only these fools realized that Democrats are the true racists. They see minorities as pawns to control. Think about it, they don’t even think minorities are capable enough to obtain an I.D to vote! If that isn’t racist, I don’t know what is!

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