Black Lives Matter Protesters CRASH Patriot’s BBQ, What They Did Is Disgusting!

In Portland, Oregon a radical group of Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets again in their usual pathetic manner.  This time they did more than bash the police force, they disgraced our American flag and humiliated Patriots who were there.

Over the weekend, the cop-haters marched in Portland from the Portland State University to the Multnomah County Courthouse while chanting “write in Raiford” and “Black Lives Matter”.

In a Blue Lives Matter article, they write that Teressa Raiford is the leader of the “Don’t Shoot Portland”group who is trying to become the Multnomah County Sheriff. Some members of the group also chanted “these racist cops have got to go”.


Protest outside City Hall – @DontShootPdx leader says Bundy supporters gave them a flag & they burned it as part of 1st amendment right.

During the protest, a BBQ was going on near the court house to celebrate the acquittal of the Bundy brothers.  These brothers were confronted with militants as they took over the Wild Life Refuge for about 6 weeks year.  Since the Bundy’s were acquitted, many Patriots were in town with American flags flying everywhere.

One of the Black Lives Matter activists had asked a Bundy celebrant to borrow his American flag.  The Patriot thought that this activist just wanted to show his support for the Bundy’s also but he couldn’t have been more wrong!  The black radical took the flag and proceeded to burn it then he stomped upon it!

Some local news agencies report that the Bundy supporter is planning to file and bring charges with police against the person who took their flag.

Town folk said that Teressa Raiford wants to be sheriff, but her supporters steal other peoples property, block public roads, and burn American flags. That doesn’t seem like a very fitting person to be in charge of a Sheriff’s Department.

( She must be a friend of Loretta Lynch at the Un-Justice Dept.)

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