Bill Clinton Given a Million Reasons For Hillary To Be Silent On THIS!?!

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Given a Million Reasons For Hillary To Be Silent On THIS!?!

Amitabh Desai is the Clinton Foundation Director of Foreign Policy. Under Hillary Clinton he was, in essence, an arm of the State Department. He made deals on behalf of the United States, subject to Mrs. Clinton’s approval, and once the various checks had cleared the bank.

One of the checks that Desai had to deliver was a personal gift to Bill Clinton from the government of Qatar, the terrorist-friendly nation to where the Gitmo terrorists supposedly traded for Bowe Bergdahl were released. They’re no longer under custody, their remaining sentence was shortened to one year. Obama says they’re rehabilitated though, so it’s not a concern.


Qatar thinks highly of Bill Clinton, with rape not carrying the stigma for the offender in Islamic nations that it does for non-Clintons in the US and elsewhere. In fact, in Qatar it is legal for a man to rape his wife. Bill’s a good old standard redneck and to show how much they value his friendship, the Qatari King gave him a million bucks. It had nothing to do with his wife being Secretary of State at the time, in April of 2012.

The information about the gift to Bill comes from the wealth of documents provided by WikiLeaks, in an email from Desai to four different Clinton Foundation employees. As Desai was informing the recipients in the email that he had the check for Bill, he also made them aware that the Qataris were looking for “investments” in Haiti, or scams as they might otherwise known.

The overly generous amount may seem strange but it’s important to remember that he is one third of the Clinton in Clinton Foundation. Another third, his wife Hillary, had the ability to look the other way when terrorist groups and their supporters appeared on the State Department radar. With just the right kind of motivation everybody wins.

It was a couple of years after this birthday gift was awarded that ISIS made their breakout run across Iraq and Syria. It would have taken about that much time to equip and train a terrorist army and to set up the logistics, recruitment, and communication capability, all of the startup headaches associated with a fledgling terrorist state.

The last thing the Saudis or Qataris would want is the US condemning their new joint terrorist endeavor. We know that Hillary Clinton and those receiving intelligence briefings were aware of the ISIS creation and growth so perhaps this gesture of good will helped to ease their concerns that ISIS might somehow become a barbaric, fundamental Islamic, anti-human rights paramilitary force. That makes a lot more sense than the story given at the time by the Clinton operative, particularly since the email was dated April 16th and Clinton’s birthday is August 19th.

The birthday seems like a convenient excuse, and a particularly lame one, for the sale of State Department approval of their terrorist organization. That would explain how ISIS was able to travel across open desert without being annihilated and why they were allowed to operate, pump oil and grow without the necessary force being directed to stop them.

It reeks of pay for play but that’s nothing unusual for the Clintons. Nobody gives million dollar birthday gifts without expecting a million dollar favor in return. What is the going rate for a terrorist safe-zone?

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