Bikers For Trump – The Antidote To Agitation


The founder of Bikers for Trump, Chris Cox, joins Judge Jeanine Pirro to talk about his organization’s efforts to protect the good guys during the Republican convention.

Cox describes the evolution of his group from its beginnings last August and how the majority of the American biker population wants three things. They want the enemy of radical Islam identified and effectively engaged to its elimination. He labels Obama as the George Washington of ISIS, an unfair comparison as Washington was unlike Obama in many ways, not the least of which are his having been both a patriot and an American citizen. But we get his message.

The second point Cox makes is the immigration front, the construction of a border wall and third, the vetting of “Syrian Refugees.” He recognizes as most patriots do that America needs a change of leadership and that it has to start at the top.

He addresses the chaos that Obama and his underlings have instigated, the destruction of property and the calls for police officers to be killed noting also that veterans and law enforcement need to be supported. He says he’s expecting numbers of around 1,000 bikers to roll into Cleveland but is hearing rumblings that there could be ten times that number.  He notes there were 600,000 attending this past Rolling Thunder Memorial Day event so those numbers are easily achievable.

He promises his group will be present to counter the agitators such as Black Live Matter and the various other Soros anti-American groups, putting themselves between the police and the Soros trash as “A Wall of Meat” if necessary.

A lot of the members of Bikers for Trump are US Veterans, a group that the hood rats and punks of Black Lives Matter and others who attack defenseless citizens, including women, might want to consider before they try to portray themselves as tough guys that way again.

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