Big Swing: Trump Pulls Ahead By 7 Points In North Carolina

Western Journalism Reports: With the election just a week away, a new WRAL/SurveyUSA poll shows Republican nominee Donald Trump leading Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by a stunning seven-point margin in North Carolina. ahead 51 percent to her 44 percent.

The latest poll has Trump ahead 51 percent to 44 percent. In a WRAL poll conducted three weeks ago, Clinton was leading Trump in North Carolina, 46 percent to 44 percent.

The poll was conducted after the announcement on Friday by FBI Director James Comey that the agency was going to be re-examining  emails that might be related to Hillary’s email server. It surveyed 659 people who had already voted or are likely to vote Nov. 8.


Almost a third of respondents in the WRAL News poll ranked trustworthiness as the most important consideration in voting for president. Positions on issues were rated most important by 40 percent, while experience and character were far behind at 17 and 8 percent, respectively.

WRAL reports: Of those ranking trustworthiness most important, 83 percent favor Trump. He also wins among those most concerned about issues, 52 to 43 percent. Clinton was favored by 93 percent of those most concerned with experience, and she doubled up Trump among voters concerned about character, 58 to 26 percent.

Breaking down the results, Trump has flipped the gender gap in recent weeks, cutting Clinton’s 12-point lead among women down to 7 points while widening his dominance among male voters from 9 points to 23 points. He also has erased her lead among voters 50 and older, moving from a 5-point deficit to an 11-point advantage, while maintaining his slight lead among voters ages 18 to 49. 3

Clinton’s sizable lead in North Carolina’s metro areas also has eroded since early October. Her 64 to 27 percent lead among urban voters three weeks ago is down to 53 to 43 percent, and her 9-point lead in the suburbs is now a 2-point deficit. Meanwhile, Trump has extended his lead among rural voters from 18 to 26 points.