Biden Would’ve Probably Been More Comfortable On His Knees But He Kept His Seat


There’s not a lot of things Joe Biden is good at but there are some. Screwing over the American people, molesting women in public while their political appointee husbands stand nearby with an “After all, it’s just Joe being Joe, and I do want to be Defense Secretary,” look on his face, and making questionable secret deals.

Those deals include the May 2014 appointment of his son Hunter to the board of Ukraine’s Burisma, a private oil and gas company. He also sent $750 million in “special aid” for Central America, a large portion of which was untracked and used to pay coyotes transporting illegal invaders into the US, with the leftovers going to the “helpful” politicians and gangs. Biden later lobbied for another $1 billion in essential funding in an op-ed in the Hill. The level of the invasion is directly tied to how much transportation they can buy.

But the thing “good old Joe” does better than anyone, even at times surpassing Hussein Obama, is apologizing for the “shortcomings” of the United States. For some, sincere sounding groveling is a gift. Biden used that gift in a one-day visit to Turkey on Wednesday to deliver an apology and then limp out of country with his tail tucked between his legs and a strange taste in his mouth. America’s offense was a failure to support the Islamic dictator in solidifying his authoritarian regime sooner.

The last gasp of representative government was exhaled when the coup attempt, be it real or contrived, against Erdogan failed. Erdogan got his feelings hurt that the US didn’t give him the Morsi treatment with more forceful public support as Obama had his Muslim Brotherhood comrade.

Virtually holding one of Erdogan’s shoes up to his mouth as he spoke, Biden said, “Let me say it for one last time. The American people stand with you, we stood with you from the beginning. Barack Obama was one of the first people to call. And but I do apologize. I wish I could been here earlier. I wish I could have been here earlier.”

So maybe now we won’t have to relocate our forces from Incirlik Air Base, at least until the next time Erdogan get’s his t-back twisted up.

Biden’s gift was also on display in a similar public exhibition of United States emasculation in February of this year when he told the Mexican president that he felt he almost needed to apologize for what Donald Trump was saying, that those views were also not the views of the American people.

Clearly, Biden is misrepresenting the American people as a matter of routine. Most Americans have no idea who Erdogan is and, as they will learn on November 8th, share the views of Donald Trump.

The only thing we need to apologize for is putting evil clowns like Biden and Obama in power in the first place. Something those of us with good sense warned against from day one.  

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