Biden Has A Reputation For Saying Stupid Things, This Kind Of Stupidity Is Dangerous


For the second time in as many weeks, Vice President Joe Biden has pointed out that there is somebody traveling with him at all times who has the nuclear codes in a briefcase. Biden even pointed in the general direction of that individual both times as he identified him.

Maybe al-Qaeda or ISIS didn’t have anybody in the audience watching this time, but perhaps they will in the future. Joe Biden just put a big target on this guy and if there were to be an incident at a rally in which Biden was in attendance, the Vice President would surely be a higher priority than some dispensable guy with a suitcase.

It’s not beyond reason to speculate that if a terrorist organization, or as Biden and his fellow numbskull liberals like to call them, violent radical extremists, figured out which guy has the briefcase with the codes, they might be quite motivated to make a strike. They could create a disturbance of some type to distract the Secret Service agents with protecting Biden long enough to go after their real target, the code guy.

Maybe they would go after both, who knows but for a guy who is dismissing Donald Trump as not being worthy of having access to the nuclear codes, he’s almost as careless with them as Hillary Clinton is with everything she touches.

National security is a joke with the Democrats but there are serious, real consequences for their frivolous behavior. Four dead men in Benghazi were one, not to mention those injured as well as those we have never heard about who were outed by the careless and reckless handling of classified information by the woman that Joe Biden was campaigning for when he made his own latest idiotic and reckless statements.

Once the codes were known to be stolen there are probably methods for their invalidation if everything goes as its supposed to. But what if it doesn’t? What if the cute, tough guy talk of this big-mouthed globalist resulted in weapons being fired?

Biden has no room to talk about who is responsible with nuclear codes. He’s already lost that argument as has his candidate, Hillary Clinton.

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