Bernie-Bots Explain Why They Won’t Vote For Hillary

In American politics, it’s generally considered to be a given that a third party candidate – or an unconventional one – favors the Democrats.  Historically, that has been the case since at least 1912.  In 2016, the field given to Americans to choose their representative in the White House has turned that conventional wisdom on its ear.

2016 is the year of the outsider.  The year that the people of all ages, races, sizes and more are sending a definite message to our oligarchist (is that a word?) overlords that we have noticed the snow job we’ve been fed, and we do not appreciate it.

Yes, we all can say we are &^%$#@!ed off and we are not taking it anymore, but go with me on this.

On the Republican side, the UniParty (thanks, Sundance) sausage grinder got caught on so much filler it actually spit out something lean with a perceived mean campaign machine.  His name is Donald Trump, and he is not a UniParty guy.  In fact, they hate him.  Why can be fairly well surmised by looking at what the man stands for: undoing the UniParty’s work for the past 25 years.  The Democrats crowned Hillary Clinton nominee despite the list of felonies just about everyone not brainwashed by the mainstream media knows she committed.  Just slap the UniParty label on her and be done with it.

The Democrats’ inside/outside man in the year of the outsider was the avowed socialist representing Vermont, Senator Bernie Sanders.  For the most part, people outgrow believing in the virtues of socialism as they age.  There are exceptions, of course, usually members of the clergy who went into the convent or seminary at the age of 18 without having to live in the real world and having no idea what that entails, and those who earn their salaries thanks to government largesse.

And then, there are the BernieBots.  Most of the people who supported Bernie Sanders fell into two categories: aging hippies and people too young to understand that sooner or later socialists run out of other people’s money.  Then there are the sorts like an old friend of mine who was raised by old hippies and just doesn’t like the status quo.

Campus Reform caught up with some Bernie supporters.  Judge for yourself just how many of them fall into which category.

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ABC – Anyone But Clinton, that’s what FoxNews calls it.  Wonder if the Democrats thought about that.

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