BENGHAZI: More Deliberate Lawbreaking Found In Podesta Release #10

Just when we all thought the bombshells were starting to taper off, Wikileaks continued to release emails hacked from John Podesta’s gmail account.  For conservatives, this is Christmas come early.  For Democrats, all the skeletons are just falling out of the closet.

One of those skeletons involves the Special Committee on Benghazi and the emails that they were due to receive.  At the time of the writing of this note, March 17, 2015, it seemed that the Hillary Clinton team, including her lawyer David Kendall, was hell bent on keeping the infamous 55,000 emails from Trey Gowdy.

From David Kendall regarding the extension granted to get the emails to the committee:

Right, we requested and got a two week extension of the original return date (March 13). We should not say State HAS turned over all that the Committee has asked for, just that we’ve requested State to do this.

The response by Philippe Reines in Hillary’s office:

To be clear, there are and will likely remain only two parties who can release the full 55k: State and us. Nobody else will have them. Gowdy will only end up with what’s relevant to his committee, which won’t grow that much beyond what he has. Probably not get anywhere close to 500.

Knowing how the internet actually works, this writer won’t touch that bit of hubris other than to say, um, never underestimate an attack dog with a bone.  That’s sort of what Trey Gowdy was when it came to the email issue.  The people named on the email chain conspired not to turn over requested evidence.  Jill Stein, actually, had it right on a tweet last night.

stein podesta email

Evidence is the least of it.  What we really need is an Attorney General who has not been threatened, and an FBI director not on the take.  We Americans aren’t stupid.  We know what happened.  And no, we DO NOT approve.

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