Ben Carson – If Americans Wake Up And Think Themselves, Thomas Jefferson Predicted Trump Win

Dr. Ben Carson gets it just as Donald Trump gets it, there is a sense of urgency to the situation the United States finds itself in. The wrong decision by the people of this nation on November 8th in supporting more of the same will be our undoing.

Dr. Carson responded to the Gettysburg Address of Donald Trump saying, “I think he knows that we’re down to the Crux now, and really, I’m glad he’s beginning to talk this way, because as I’ve said for a long period of time, this election is not about Democrats versus Republicans. This election is about the status quo, the political class versus we, the people.”


Carson continues, “And it will make all the difference in the world in terms of what happens to our children and our grandchildren and the country from now on. If you look at the platforms and the policies of these two candidates, they go off in starkly different directions. And I think one of the reasons that the group that doesn’t want to talk about the issues spends all of this time creating distractions is because they want to make sure that the people don’t know that we have a possibility of going off in a deeply different direction than the founders of this nation intended.”  

“Or that anybody actually thinks that we’re going off into,” says Dr. Carson, “and they’ll be there and they’ll say ‘how did we get here?’ And then somebody will come back and say, ‘Well, nobody paid attention to what was going on at that election.”

Dr. Carson believes that Trump’s contract with the American voter will help tremendously, saying he has great faith in the wisdom of the American people. I do not believe that they are as simplistic as many people in the political class think they are, and the media think they are. They think they can be so easily manipulated, I think many people take offense at that. And when you look at the crowds and the enthusiasm for Trump versus Clinton, that’s telling you something. And that’s really the reason they’re coming out with all of this fire, because they’re seeing it too. And they’re trying to use psychological warfare.”

Carson reminds the audience that Thomas Jefferson predicted that when we were on the verge of this nation turning into something else, the wisdom of the people would recognize it and correct course.

Dr. Carson doesn’t think things are going to work out for the anti-American Clinton Democrats. He sees a Trump victory in November if the people will simply wake up and think for themselves, not listening to the spin of the media that clearly has an agenda.


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