“Bay Watch” Star, Pamela Anderson, Visits Julian Assange And She Delivers POISON!


Bay Watch Star, Pamela Anderson, Visits Julian Assange And She Delivers POISON!

The beautiful and sexy former actress, Pamela Anderson of “Bay Watch” had a gift to bring for Wikileaks chief, Julianne Assange. She told Britain’s Press Association on Sunday that she had delivered Assange a “Meals on Wheels” which was “a nice vegan lunch and some vegan snacks”.The vegan was a Pret a Manger sandwich. Having been locked away in hiding for all these years now, I’m betting seeing such a beauty he had an appetite for something else not on the menu 🙂

It was last Saturday when she was in town for an anti-porn event.  (She’s an activist against porn although she has been a porn star in the past.)  Now, conspiracy theorist claim that Pamela Anderson poisoned Assange. even though Anderson stated that she had great concern for his health.

Ms. Anderson joked around with the media and said, Julianne wasn’t so keen with her choice of food for him.  She states “he said I tortured him with bringing him vegan food.”

According to a CBS news interview, Assange has sought refuge at the Ecuadorean Embassy in central London for more than four years to avoid returning to Sweden, which is seeking Assange’s extradition in a rape investigation. Assange denies the rape allegation and says he fears being extradited to the U.S. to face espionage charges if he leaves.

The Daily Mail, wrote, WikiLeaks founder Assange “says his internet link was ‘severed’ by state agents hours after claims he was poisoned by a Pret vegan sandwich brought to him by Pamela Anderson.”  Many people on Twitter think this Pret by death is the “dead mans switch”, which activates if Assange met his untimely end.

“Don’t trust unconfirmed reports of Assange being alive. The Clinton machine is capable of body doubles,” wrote one user, adding “ARREST PAMELA ANDERSON NOW.”


H/T: CBS News

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