Babeu – Border Patrol Website Mocks Enforcement Tells Illegals Where To Hide To Avoid Capture


What they describe in rather ambiguous terms as an “advocacy alert” on the US Customs and Border Protection website makes a mockery of the job that these men and women attempt to do in service to our nation on a daily basis. The criminal globalist Obama regime doesn’t believe we should have a border and are helping those who have violated it to avoid capture.

The safe zones are described by the anti-American Obamanistas as being “sensitive locations,” such as schools, churches, hospitals and protests, places where law enforcement, including those whose organization is designated as “border protection” cannot go to carry out an arrest. If there is a way to nullify an immigration law, DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson will find it and he will use it to usurp Congress and their Constitutional authority to write American laws.

Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, AZ goes into detail, saying “This continues the march of ‘president’ Obama for absolute lawlessness. Not only there’s a lack of enforcement or consequences for law, now he’s provided actual sanctuaries throughout the entire country, not just cities, throughout the entire country, of no-go places for us in law enforcement to enforce the law, our heroes in the Border Patrol.”

“And it’s not just those locations,” Babeu points out, “It’s also marches, rallies, parades. Anywhere where they’re protesting the fact that we’re going to enforce the law on them, nope, you can’t arrest them there.

Babeu says the intent of this policy is to undermine the rule of law. “You and I, every American listening, the law applies to us; there’s consequences. And yet, this has gutted immigration law and this is the lawlessness that ‘president’ Obama has presided over. And it sends a message to the millions of future illegals not yet here, ‘make it to the border, you’re home free. In fact, we’re going to give you more benefits than our senior citizens get for social security.’ We take care of refugees, asylum seekers better than we do our own military Veterans and this has gotta stop. We’ve got to put Americans and our families first.”

Babeu can’t help but laugh when he’s told they called DHS and asked for a statement. He’s dealt with them long enough to know it’s a waste of time. He says of this ridiculous policy, “This is as insane as me, as a sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona, putting on my website how to get out of being arrested for a crime, what to tell deputies, where to go to avoid arrest. This is ridiculous.”

He goes on to quote some dismal statistics highlighting the serious nature of the actions of the criminals at the top of DHS and the Obama regime.

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