Avengers Libtards – Hollywood Elites Get Together For Donald Trump Attack Video


The actor on the screen and others like him are using their Hollywood fame as a tool to manipulate their stupid, gullible and uneducated fans by repeating lies about Donald Trump. Their target is those who think the opinions of people who practice deception as a career and an art form, actors like him, are more valuable than those of honest folks who know what’s going on. The child-like “Iron Man’s my hero and he told me Trump sucks” voters are the ones they’re after.

Most of these people are unknown to many Americans, aside from Robert Downey Jr, who was more recognizable to many of us for the 1996 arrest and year and three months in prison on felony drug charges.

The rest of them play super heroes or do other things, some of them aren’t famous. The other, not Rosie whats-her-name Hispanic woman is just a regular gal, they tell us. But noting the deceptive nature of the video, and those featured in it, nothing they say is to be believed.

It’s obviously intended to be delivered in a “we’re famous but we’re just like you” manner. To the naive morons at home – they’re famous, which means they’re not just like you, they’re the opposite of you. One woman holds up a sign with the word important on it, “acting” unsure of herself in her proper completion of the difficult task.

The skinny black guy with the goatee is especially vitriolic in labeling Mr. Trump “a racist, abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of our society.” Wait a minute – he’s describing Obama. It’s a little late to be getting concerned about what the half-white pretend president has done to America now, ain’t it, homie?

They refer to people as things in order to stretch a lame connection to Trump’s “Apprentice” catch phrase, “you’re fired.” Either these famous people didn’t hire any famous writers to script their little assault on reality or they relaxed their standards, in recognition of the low discernment voters they are targeting.

As they talk about being able to “end the nightmare before it begins,” the blonde bimbo who wasn’t sure she could hold the “important” sign correctly “acts” as if she’s almost in tears, shaky voice and all. Yeah, this is the perfect group upon which to base a decision on who to vote.

They then go down the list of liberal objectives, starting with student debt to further endear themselves to the uninformed and gullible, followed by the usual drivel we’re all way too familiar with. The one true statement they make is that this election is a tipping point for the country and the world. They make it arguing against the only choice we have to save it.

They attempt to close out the video with an old shtick about the guy who reads the script not realizing he’s committing to do a naked scene. That’s cute, funny, real entertaining and even more reason not to watch the garbage these liberal hacks put their names to.

Mighty Mouse is coming to save the day, you Hollywood dirt bag commies. He wants his slogan back. And we’re taking our country back.

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