Attic Find Worth HOW MUCH? Thomas Jefferson Letter Discovered

Thomas Jefferson Letter Discovered In Attic

One family is incredibly glad they decided to clean out their attic. In doing so, they discovered a lost piece of history. Buried in a box of heirlooms, was a four page, hand-written letter from Thomas Jefferson.

(If you don’t know who that is, please stay away from the polls on election day.)

Nathan Raab, a Philadelphia dealer of historical documents, explained the significance of the find. “This kind of letter is only seen up for sale once a decade, if not once a generation. You just never see this for purchase by the public. These types of letters that are owned by direct descendants are usually donated to private collections.”

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

“It’s a powerful and evocative reminder of our Founding Fathers,” Raab continued. “To read about the country’s independence from the pen of Thomas Jefferson is incredible.”

And just how much would a member of the public have to pay to get it? The beginning auction price for this historic treasure is $325,000.

The letter is dated Feb. 14, 1815. It was written in response to one from William Crawford, the  U.S. Ambassador to France. In it, Jefferson eloquently describes the importance of American independence. He also touts the victory of the war of 1812.

Recognizable names covered in the correspondence are historical figures Andrew Jackson and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Jefferson details the struggle against foreign oppression perfectly. (Of course the words are much too forceful and straightforward for any of today’s PC politicians.)

“We must sacrifice the last dollar and drop of blood to rid us of that badge of slavery, and it must rest with England alone to say whether it is worth eternal war, for eternal it must be if she holds to the wrong.”

Modern leaders need to take a lesson from this founding father.  He got it. America can never give up, never back down, never surrender.

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source: Fox News