Assange Tells Megyn Kelly How He Plans To Thwart Hillary “Running Out The Clock” – WATCH

The frustrations for the alternative media army and our followers just keep mounting.  How is it after all the revelations through leaked emails and physicians reviewing what is in the the public record regarding Hillary Clinton and her health history, and their wanting to see more information on her condition, can the woman be called “fit for office.”

We all know, thanks to Julian Assange and his Wikileaks enterprise, that the Democratic nominee for president was running a quid pro quo operation of pay to play out of the State Department when she was the leader of it.

We also know, that her own staff arranges her schedules around her naps, and lack of stamina.

Add to that the U.S. government’s own investigations that Hillary sent beyond Top Secret information through an unsecured server – a crime that would invoke a treason charge and prison time for anyone else – and the underground network of blog sites and journalist citizens are wondering how on God’s green earth this woman is not in prison.

Most of this is now public knowledge thanks to Assange and his team’s efforts.  People are risking their lives to expose this information, and this summer alone no less than five and possibly seven people who could have information damaging to Clinton’s chances of being president have turned up dead.  In addition, a “cat burglar” was scared off when he or she was found to be scaling the wall of the building where Assange himself was known to be hiding out.  He has stated that there is more – thousands of pages more – of email material that could impact Hillary and her bid to re-occupy the Oval Office.

On Wednesday night, under the cover of an undisclosed location that may or may not be the Ecuadorian Embassy in London given that there was a possible assassination attempt, Assange talked with Megyn Kelly of Fox News about what information he has yet, and when it will be released.  He also discusses why he is releasing the material.  Watch as an Australian cyber vigilante talks about HIS influence on the American presidential election.

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