Art of Politics as seen by the Leftests

These three have turned the Art of war by Sun Tzu into a must read.
“The Art of War” was written by Sun Tzusome Twenty-Five Hundred years ago, as a classic book of military strategy. You say, “So what?” I say so a whole bunch. The main concept behind this work is that “You must know your enemy to defeat him.”
We have been fighting the enemy of our country for almost 8 years now, and not doing a very good job of it. Why is that? It is because we have not fought the enemy, but rather we have attacked his tactics and diversions. He sells guns to drug lords in mexico and we attack what we believe are his motives. Namely an attempt at gun confiscation.
These three have turned the Art of war by Sun Tzu into a must read.

These three have turned the Art of war by Sun Tzu into a must read.

But suppose that was not his objective. Suppose he could care less about who has or doesn’t have guns. Suppose he really wants you to have a gun and lots of ammunition. Why would he want this? At first you can not think of one reason. But if you think a little deeper, I suggest there could be a good reason for him to want you armed. Sun Tzu taught that the art of deception was worth a thousand soldiers in a battle, and Liberals have used that tactic well.
What is the one thing that he made clear during the first election? “I want to fundamentally change America.” So what is America? It is a country that was built on the concept that all men are “Created” equal. It is a country that was founded on laws with a court system where all men are equal under its jurisdiction. It is a country where all men start out the same in life and either flourish or stagnate under the effects of their own choices.
America, is a country that Barrack Obama’s father hated even while living here and enjoying its freedoms. It is a country that his mother hated so much so that she married a foreign Socialist, Muslim student, and traveled to live with him in another country and then returned only to leave again and marry another Muslim man that hated America. It is a country that his grandparents hated, despite or maybe because of his grandfathers service and wounding in WWII and his Grandmother enjoying a soft political job. It is a country that his adopted “uncles” and mentors hated while they taught the boy the “Ideals” of Socialism, and it is a country that a young Black-Arab-White, drug user and dealer, boy that was raised in other countries and exposed to hate everyday of his life wants to change.
This then is our enemy, not the Man you see sitting in the White House, but the one that is hidden underneath all that fancy talk and education and nice clothes. The real enemy of our country is the hate filled little boy that grew up in Indonesia listening to the Muslim call to prayer and attending a Madrasa and being adopted by a Muslim man. The little hate filled boy that as a man chose to use the name of the one man that he both loved and hated more than any one on earth. His father Barrack Hussein Obama.
This man created his own version of “The Art of War”,  learning early on that he could get further with deception and lies than with hard work and honesty. This I believe is why he takes the actions that he does. They are all just attempts by him to break down the walls of our country. He knows that he does not have to succeed at any of them but that together they will create a breach in the security and fabric of our society. Remember even the boulder will eventually give way to the drip of water that falls on it. So it is with our country.
Drip by drip, he has introduced fractures into our very foundations, he has made an art form of splitting people into groups that are at each others throats. He has undermined the legal system by ignoring the requirements of his office to enforce the laws of the country, knowing full well that this would further split the people along the lines of sexual orientation and religion. He has attacked personal property rights by using the EPA, BLM, and DOJ, to enact new regulations and usurp private lands. He has further split the country on the issue of guns, knowing full well that there is no question as to our rights of ownership, but It does keep us fighting against each other.
He does not care if any of these are successful, the simple act of starting the ball rolling is enough to create the fracture and even if he losses in court or the ballot box, he has inserted another crack into our country.
His view of America is one where everyone must fight for whatever they want. Where nothing is sacred, where there is no right or wrong. Where owning a gun is not a right, but a necessity. A country were we are reduced to clans and tribal groups just like the Middle East, it’s us against them. So that the ruling class no longer has to worry about the citizens, because they are to busy trying to stay alive and provide for their families to worry about what the Rulers are doing every day. This is Obama’s vision for America, and he is well on the way to completing his chore. This hate filled bigot must be stopped by what ever means necessary. We must band together rather than divide even more. If we fail to act on our beliefs, he and his minions including Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Loretta Lynch will, in fact, achieve their goal and the country will be lost forever.
 “The Art of War” says know your enemy, he is not stupid, nor a puppet, nor incompetent. He is a slick, smart, cagey, craven destroyer of all that 90% of us believe in. And he and his followers will win if we stay on the course we are on now of non-confrontation. It is time we used the “The Art of War” theories against them.

©2016 R. L. Grimes