Anti-Sovereignty Democrats Clinton, Kaine


Hussein Obama’s third term is, just like his first two, centered upon the deliberate dismantling of the United States into a communist hellhole. His fundamental transformation involves the importation of a replacement population and the elimination of our borders.  Any arguments to the contrary are merely a diversion or the denial necessary to keep their delusional supporters from awakening before it’s too late to stop them.

The embodiment of that third Obama term, criminal Hillary Clinton, has announced her running mate. It’s Virginia Senator, former Virginia Governor and former chairman of the anti-American agitation organization, the DNC, Tim Kaine. Clinton called Kaine a “progressive who likes to get things done,” in her introduction at the choreographed event held in Miami. Getting things done is not necessarily a positive; it depends on the thing the impact it has on anything or anyone else.

It’s worth noting that Kaine was announced in Miami before a Latino audience so that he could showcase his ability to speak their lingo and present himself as one of them. It’s also noteworthy that Spanish is a foreign language and this guy is addressing a foreign crowd, promising them he’s going to have a legalization package introduced within the first 100 days of their administration. He said, “In our administration in the first 100 days we’ll put forward a comprehensive immigration reform package that includes a path to citizenship.” That’s a useless argument to US citizens, so what voting bloc is he making his pitch to?

Americans born in America, even of Latin ancestry, speak English. It would be pointless to make his speech in a language they don’t understand. He was speaking to illegal alien voters. The Democrats are planning to capitalize on voter ID and election fraud that they, including Kaine during his tenure as DNC chairman, have sown the seeds for across the nation. Corrupt liberal activist judges have overturned the wishes of the people at will, unchallenged, and destroyed the integrity of our election system.

Kaine and the Marxist Democrats plan to offer to all takers, citizenship on demand along with a heaping helping of other people’s money in the form of free stuff. Progressive are Marxists, and Kaine is just “getting things done,” the way tyrannical Marxists always have, by seizing our property. This time they’re handing it over to the foreign invaders, for the time being. They are committing treason and not one hand is being raised to forcefully stop them.

If this election goes to these criminals, our country as we know it will cease to exist. Whether we fall into another revolutionary war, surrender to the communists, move somewhere else and hope the tyranny there isn’t as bad as it will be here or adopt a different strategy, America will remain in name only.

The easiest way out of a very bad situation is to avoid it by defeating these anti-American criminals before we have to make that decision. Donald Trump must win in November or all Americans, from patriots to the distracted and inattentive, are losers. They’re stealing our nation right from under our feet. It’s time to get angry and demand we be heard.

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