Anti-American DHS Monitors At All Polling Places Likely Result Of “Hacking” Fears


Donald Trump isn’t the only one who is sensitive to the likelihood of election fraud being carried out by the Obama regime.

American Family Radio host Sandy Rios interviewed The Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky on the topic of the federal government putting their hands into our election booths this fall. What set off alarms in Rios’ mind is the declaration by Jihadi Jeh Johnson of DHS that the feds may need to intervene into the electoral process to “guarantee its integrity.” She recognized that as effort to secure the access needed to manipulate vote totals in their favor.

Rios asked, “Honestly, did any antennae go up with you when they started talking about voting booths being part of critical infrastructure?” Von Spakovsky replied, “Oh yeah, now remember this is the same White House that says there’s no voter fraud in the United States. You know, they deny that voter fraud ever occurred and yet suddenly they’re saying, ‘Oh wait, we may need to designate as critical infrastructure the American election system.'”

Von Spakovsky says, “Now, what most people don’t realize is that that’s very pertinent language because after 9/11 we passed this federal statute that allows the president or the secretary of Homeland ‘Security,’ if he does that designation, it means that the Department of Homeland ‘Security’ and the ‘Justice’ Department, the FBI, are given special authority to go in and try to thwart any potential terrorist or other activity or attack on that critical infrastructure.

“And so this would give the ‘Justice’ Department, for example, suddenly power over precincts and polling places all across the country, something they don’t have right now.” Von Spakovsky points out, “Jeh Johnson was specifically asked by one of the State Secretaries of State, Tom Schedler of Louisiana whether they’ve got any evidence of any credible threat against our system and Jeh Johnson’s answer was no.”

Rios responds, “So this really is, honestly, it just seems like, oh boy, the creepy laying of groundwork for something that could be really bad. Like, okay, I’m going to step off the plank here. Let’s say maybe the election ends up being really, really close and because they’ve already laid the groundwork that Donald Trump is connected with Putin, they’re best buddies according to—well, he said, he claimed he had a relationship with him and then they claimed, the left claims that he has a really good relationship with him and now they’re inferring that the Russians may mess with the election.”

Rios theorized, “So, gee, if it’s close, maybe it’s probably the Russians, then, that are messing with our election apparatus and so then the Justice Department and the executive branch come in to kind of fix it. Right, Hans, something like that?”

Von Spakovsky sees an even easier to trigger “justification” for Obama and his goons to intrude, saying, “Well, I wouldn’t quite go so far as them blaming it on the Russians. I think it would be more, they would say, ‘Well there was a potential for hacker attacks so ‘Justice’ Department lawyers need to be present in polling places all across the country and those polling places, when those lawyers are there, remember those lawyers aren’t non-partisan, unbiased government officials in white lab coats.”

He warns, “All the people who work in the Civil Rights Division, those are the lawyers who would be out there, they are virulent left wing partisans. So they would be in the polling places.” He notes that the statement released by this type of hard left political operative would be of the type to claim “We saw all kinds of voter suppression efforts going on in that precinct, in that area” which would serve as the basis for federal election tampering if their favorite candidate loses.

Who’s watching the watchers?

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