His Anti-American Agenda, Confiscation and Black Lives All That Matters


As those of us who are awake and aware of what the anti-American squatting in our White House is attempting to slip past us have been warning, Hussein Obama is in the process of federalizing local law enforcement. He, in effect, is scheming to eliminate local policing and replace it with feds who answer directly to him. It’s an idea that Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Castro popularized among dictators and Obama can’t wait to test drive his own.

Tomi Lahren is awake to what’s going on. She’s calling it out, noting that along with the drive to create a police state comes the need to remove our means of stopping them, our guns. She identified one statement made by Obama at the Dallas memorial that he distorted into a gun confiscation rally in particular as being possibly “the most inappropriate thing he has ever said.” She’s covering a whole lot of territory with the pool she’s drawing from for that comment.

The noteworthy comment was Obama stating to the crowd mourning their dead, “We flood our communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book.”

Her response to that absurdity is, “Are you out of your freakin mind?” She then chastises the Marxist hustler for wasting his own time and that of those attending the memorial service as well as being “100% false.”

She points out that it is against federal law for anyone under 18 to purchase a handgun, like “said Glock, you mentioned,” noting that the last time she checked both computers and books are legal for purchase.

She adds, “The fact that he said it at all is laughable. The fact that he said it in a memorial service flanked by Dallas PD, despicable.” She notes that he’s got company, with Sheila Jackson “Missing Link” Lee asking for the Congressional leadership to “now realize that an AR-15 does not discriminate.” That’s because it’s a gun, you idiot, it’s the brain controlling the hands it’s in that discriminates. Lahren puts it this way, “When the shooter is white blame racism. When the shooter is black blame the gun.”

Hillary Clinton’s response is a dramatic presentation in which torturously described the police as being outgunned by the black supremacist Black Panther. Lahren recommends that the former Secretary of State pull her head out of her butt and take a look around.

She notes that when the black POS [not Obama] was talking to negotiators, “He didn’t mention anything about his gun, he didn’t say that his gun told him to do it, the AR-15 didn’t whisper in his ear; he didn’t say that.” She asks, “What did he say? Dallas Chief of police made it quite clear his motives were a hatred of white people, white police officers and a desire to support Black Lives Matters.

She reminds the leftists who refuse to accept inconvenient realities, the fact that it doesn’t fit your agenda “doesn’t mean it wasn’t clear as freakin’ day.”

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